10 years ago, I began the sexual healing path inspired by a handsome, but impotent client. Ever since then, so many cases and studys passed by, together with tears and laughs, challenges and miracles. Today, I am a skilled tantra healer, with a deeper understanding of human's psyche and broader vision of human's ability. "When you empower others, you empower yourself. " This is the master's truth.  

1# Healing: Premature ejaculation and erection problem are always the main issues. The reason behind can be very diversified. If it's a pure physical condition, easy case, tantra skills and herbal stick boost are very useful. If it's already changed into emotional and mental pattern, reiki energy work and hypnosis are additionally required. If it's a karma or curse thing, out of my ability, then the case has to be referred to some advanced spiritual healers first.  

2# Coaching: How to please a partner is the major topic. Few men know the correct penetration positions due to the misleading of adult movies. Women's G-spot stimulation is another hot theme. To increase the pleasure to a higher level, tantra breathing skills have to be added to body movement.

3# Herbal bath for herpes. This is a skin problem which leads to tremendous fear and blocks many people's dream of a happy sexual relationship. A herbal bath formula is gifted to me from spirits via a traditional chinese medicine handbook. The real life experiments showed wonderful, almost magical results. Herpes is curable if people can think out of the pharmaceutical box.

4# Boundary: I have clothes on and work with hand only. The touch is one directional, no interactivity.

The private studio is located near Steveston area, Richmond, BC, Canada. To book a session, call 604-271-4148 Angela.